Kayti McGee

Get to Know Boise Book Fest Romance Author Kayti McGee

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Before we get started with Interview, here’s some basic information you’d want to know about our spotlight author of the week!

Kayti McGeeNAME: Kayti McGee
Social media links: www.facebook.com/kayti.mcgee.author
Genre: Romantic comedy
Latest Release: UnderCovers (solo) Love Struck (co-written as Laurelin McGee)
Purchase Links:
UnderCovers: http://www.amazon.com/UnderCovers-Kayti-McGee-ebook/dp/B01ATWT1LM
Miss Match: http://www.amazon.com/Miss-Match-Laurelin-McGee/dp/1250059186
Love Struck: http://www.amazon.com/Love-Struck-Laurelin-McGee/dp/1250059194

Now that we have the basic information about Kayti, let’s give her a warm welcome!

BBF: To start things off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, and your books?
KM: Well, I’m a Scorpio who truly does enjoy long walks on the beach, unfortunate for a girl living in a landlocked state. I write preposterous books about silly, stubborn people.

BBF: Where do you come up with the ideas for your stories?
KM: Movies, songs, other books, real-life foibles, things people say.

BBF: Do you see yourself writing in the same genre? How important or not important is including romance in what you write?
KM: I just have a blast with romance. I’m sure I’ll branch out eventually, because I have so many interests, but I don’t ever see myself leaving this genre. It’s too much fun!

BBF: You’re right. Romance… *Sighs dreamily* There’s something about that genre that elevates hope and happiness. Speaking of dreamy things, this is something I’m always curious about, probably because I’m so picky about it when I write, but how do you choose names for your characters? Is it whatever comes to mind, or do they have meaning?
KM: I am terrible at naming characters. Half the time I end up just looking around the room and stealing things. That’s how a character in my upcoming release ended up with the first name of a friend of mine, and the last name of a bottled-water brand.

BBF: Haha. Seriously? That’s awesome. How do you choose the titles for your books? And do the titles usually come before or after you’ve written the novels?
KM: I’m worse at title names than character names! Haha. Other people always name my books after they are done and I wail and weep that I have no title.

BBF: Do you have a favorite character from your books? Who is it and why?
KM: I love writing the b****y characters. Tim is a wedding planner in Love Struck who likes to get his brides too drunk to argue with his decisions. I find that sort of thing endlessly funny. In real life, I don’t like hanging with the “brutally honest” mean girls, but in a book they can be alternately the voice of reason and the comedic relief.

BBF: *snickers* I don’t think many of us will survive the real world, if what’s in Fiction were to ever come to life. SO I totally get this. Can you tell us a bit about your writing process? How long does it usually take? And is the process the same for each of your books?
KM: Weeping, wine, and frantic late nights basically sums it up. I’m as bad at deadlines as I am at employability, bartending, characters, and titles. I can write a book in 6 weeks, but I much prefer 12-1000. I like nothing more than futzing around and editing for long periods of time. My process is nothing if not consistent.

BBF: What has been your favorite thing about being an author?
KM: How do I narrow this down? Meeting awesome people? Being my own boss? Writing the stories I want to read? Pick any of the above.

BBF: *nods in agreement* Sounds about right. What are you currently working on? And what can we expect from you in the future?
KM: Right now I’m writing my new co-written book with Laurelin Paige. It’s sillier than our usual together-style, and I’m so excited to see people’s reaction to that. I’m also moving right along on the follow-up to UnderCovers which will be out this summer. In the future… sheesh. *pulls out crystal ball* I can tell you that next year I’m going to experiment with more serious books, possibly even a series. Still romance, though!

BBF: What are you most looking forward to about visiting Boise Book Fest?
KM: I think the combination of signing and speakers is completely unique, and I am excited to be part of all of it!

BBF: Before we say our goodbyes, can you tell us something random about yourself? Just for funsies. And then can you tell us something random about Tim, your favorite, too?
KM: I’m completely devoted to the Spice Girls. I know every word to their movie SpiceWorld by heart. I think that aforementioned character, Tim, shares this love.

Lightening Round

Describe your books in 3 words: Raunchy, silly, wine-drunk.

When writing, night owl or morning person? Night Owl! I am awful at writing during the day. Only at home, though, when I’m on a retreat or visiting friends any time works. I think I just have a hard time focusing in my own home while the sun’s out and I’m thinking, ‘maybe I should just go clean the kitchen’, or ‘maybe I’ll just go sit outside and read for an hour’.

I’m currently reading: Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly. It’s not exactly a romance, but it kind of is? It’s an alternate history where Prohibition banned magic, and people go underground to get high on sorcerer-brewed “shine”. It’s really, really good.

Which character from your books do you most identify with: Andy from Miss Match. I am also a terrible employee, a terrible bartender, too stubborn for my own good, and of the opinion that a good meal solves everything. I like to think we’re both lots of fun despite our flaws.

Number one book boyfriend is: Naz, from the Monster In His Eyes books. Swoon! I like to picture Peter Quinn from Homeland as I read those books.

Next release, title and Dates: My next officially scheduled release is June 29th, and it’s called Topped, but there may be a surprise before then. I’m toying with the idea of polishing up an oldie from the vault.

Thank you so, so much for dropping by! We’re super excited to have you at Boise Book Fest on October 15th, 2016.

Thank YOU!

*Claps hands* Alright folks that’s all the time we have. Be sure to check out Kayti’s BOOKS! Enjoyed this interview? Check us out again in 2 weeks for the next author interview! Until then… Peace out!