Get to Know Boise Book Fest Author Morgan Wylie!

Name: Morgan Wylie

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Twitter/Instagram handle: @MWylieBooks

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Latest Release: MATHER (The Tangled Web Book 2)

Genre: I write YA Fantasy, NA, and Adult Paranormal Romance

Please answer at least 5 questions from below!

1. To start things off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, your books?

Hi! I live in Washington state (with a 3 year stint in Nashville, TN) and am

married to a fantastic musician husband and have a very ambitious and busy 7yo

daughter. I write both young adult and adult. I’ve dabbled in contemporary but

almost everything else I write is fantasy or paranormal; that’s my favorite to write

and read.

2. Where do you come up with the ideas for your stories? A lot of times, they hit me

upside my head, lol. But truly from all over, but especially nature.

3. Do you see yourself writing in the same genre? How important or not important is

including romance in what you write? I already write in a couple different genres

(YA fantasy and then also Adult paranormal) and I love the diversity. All my

writing has some elements of romance whether light and innocent, or as in the

case of my adult books a little more hot and heavy.

4. This is something I’m always curious about, probably because I’m so picky about

it when I write, but how do you choose names for your characters? Is it whatever

comes to mind, or do they have meaning? In my Alandria books, almost all the

names have meaning (something to do with their character) and/or I try to keep

them sounding in the same regional dialect for where they are located in the world

(not many people know that). In my Tangled Web books, it was more because I

liked them and each character more or less introduced itself to me with their name

and their personality.

5. How do you choose the titles for your books? And do the titles usually come

before or after you’ve written the novels?

6. Who’s your favorite villain from your books? Who is it and why? This is a tough

one. Oddly, for me, the villains have been the easiest and most fun to write ~ I

don’t know why, lol. But I’ll say right now my favorite has been Black Widow

(no, not the girl from Marvel) from my Tangled Web series… she’s just very

creepy and you’re never sure what game she is playing at.

7. Do you have a favorite character from your books? Who is it and why? I’d have

to say one of my favorite characters is Halister from The Age of Alandria series.

He’s fun to write. Hal is playful and fun (ok he might be a bit of a “player” so to

speak, but it’s hard not to love him) and pretty good at deflecting his true

observational nature. Actually I really like Enock (from Tangled Web) too. If you

need to relax, he’s the one to help you learn how.

8. Can you tell us a bit about your writing process? How long does it usually take?

And is the process the same for each of your books?

9. What has been your favorite thing about being an author? That I get to create! I

get to create worlds and people. I get to work from home and be there for my


10. What are you currently working on? And what can we expect from you in the

future? Currently, I’m working on book 4 in The Age of Alandria series. I took a

little detour in working on the Tangled Web series, but it’s time to get back to it.

That should be out early 2017. I also have some fun projects slated for this next

year that I’m excited about, but can’t yet say 😉 I do hope to also make a debut

into middle grade this next year (we’ll see, time permitting).

11. What are you most looking forward to about visiting Boise Book Fest? Getting to

meet new friends and see some familiar faces too!

12. Before we say our goodbyes, can you tell us something random about yourself?

Just for funsies. And then that favorite character you mentioned– can you tell us

something random about them, too?

Lightening Round – Answer these question as fast as you can (Pick at least 5 of

these to answer):

Describe your books in 3 words: magical, adventurous, becoming

Favorite thing about your genre: anything can happen

A genre that I would love to write: middle grade

One thing readers would be surprised to know: my musician husband created an

original soundtrack for my first book, Silent Orchids.

When writing, night owl or morning person? morning

When I’m writing I must have: tea, music, and my notes

Pantser or Plotter? I have leaned to become a little of both (originally a pantser)

I’m currently reading: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

My guilty pleasure: Twizzler Pull ‘n Peels and Hot Tamales; candy corn and

anything pumpkin flavored in the fall!

My favorite cover from my books: Love them all!

Which character from your books do you most identify with: Kaeleigh from


Number one book boyfriend is: Daegan from Alandria, but Enock from Tangled Web

is coming in on his heels

Next release, title and Dates: Book 4 in The Age of Alandria series, to release early


Thank you so, so much for dropping by! We’re super excited to have you at Boise Book

Fest on October 15 th , 2016.

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